Birth Control

offers the morning after pill.
sells birth control and family planning products.
products include diuretics, sleep aids, and sterile saline solutions for nasal dryness, contact lenses, and bronchodilator dilution.
U.S. distributor of the Prentif Cavity-Rim Cervical Cap.
Objective is development of new or improved contraceptive methods that are safe, effective, acceptable, and suitable for use in the US and developing countries.
offering private, home delivery of Today contraceptive sponges.
permanent birth control without hormones.
Information about permanent birth control accomplished with micro-inserts placed in the fallopian tubes, offered as an alternative to tubal ligation. Advantages, disadvantages, effectiveness, and other information for doctors and patients.
Information about contraception options to prevent unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Includes results of surveys and interviews about the views and experiences of UK university students and other women.
information service by the Family Planning Council.
explores the link between family planning, environment, maternal, and child health.
offers guide to women's health, contraceptives, and reproductive health information.
provides information on sexuality and contraception. From Schering.
non-hormonal latex-free birth control method.
offering online prescriptions for emergency contraception (the morning after pill) and birth control pills.
offers contraceptive pills for acne free skin.
from Pharmacia. Injectable monthly birth control.
Information about experimental male contraceptives, particularly non-hormonal methods, and what you can do to encourage more research.
levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system that offers a method of contraception that lasts up to five years or until removed.
from Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical. Birth control pill and skin treatment.