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Articles about alternative healthcare.
PCA Rx is an alternative treatment for Chelation in autism and mercury toxicity.
Explores the varieties and psychology of idealistic diets which may lead to orthorexia nervosa, a syndrome of health and behavioral problems arising from rigid adherence to alternative diets.
Alternative means of self-help medicine with tips on preventing, anemia, flu, depression, cancer, and other related disorders.
Offers a variety of naturopathic courses in several different fields of alternative medicine, both by correspondence and hands-on.
Offers courses in natural and holistic nutrition through distance education; participants earn the designation 'Registered Holistic Nutritionist'.
Offers Jesus-inspired and Bible-based nutritional programs to treat AIDS, cancer, and a host of other diseases.
Site sells drug-free clean urine samples and transport kits for passing a drug test.
Use of 'smart drugs' and nutrients to enhance cognition, and to treat other maladies. Articles and newsletters.
Provides news, testimonials, articles, books, and links to alternative health information and stores.
Includes articles concerning uses of home remedies in foods to maintain health and well-being. Based on the work of Annemarie Colbin, author of Food and Healing.
Offers information about healthy eating and cooking, recipes, fitness advice, and more.
GANODERMA (reishi, lingzhi) is a medicinal mushroom that the Chinese for centuries have called The King Of Herbs.
Information about a proposed initial offering (IPO) developing a drug for prostate.
Information on nutrients and disease associations: Lists nutrient and lifestyle options with medical options and precautions.
Workshops and articles on healthy eating habits, exercise, weight and stress management and personal image analysis.
Provides information and newsletter about research in the field of immunology and nutrition.
Dedicated to alternative Hepatitis C protocol.
The Global Institute for Alternative Medicine offers basic nutritional consultant programs.