Consumer Medical Advice

Provides links and information about how to quit smoking, diets and losing weight, wheelchairs and scooters, long term care insurance, and pain control.
Alzheimer\'s and other dementias steal lives. Slash your risk of developing dementia. We\'ll show you how ? start now.
Provides medical advice and answers to health realted questions.
Offers a medical advice service for U.K. residents run by GPs.
Offers online medical advice from U.K. doctors.
Provides public agencies and private purchasers with managed care management, monitoring, purchasing partnerships, and other services.
Provides answers to frequently asked questions about body, health, and beauty with resources for skin care, hair loss, body toning, weight loss, and more.
Offers breast enlargement and enhancement pills and creams.
Access to cancer care quality review, health and managed care advocacy, health information for the informed consumer and child/elder care resources and referrals.
Offers a collection of health links by topic and subject including diseases, conditions, supplements, prescription medicines, and more.
Provides hospitalization and health insurance advice, renal (kidney) disease nutrition guides, cardiac (heart) nutrition guides, medical comfort products.
One stop shop for health information, products, and services. Create a medical history report and receive personalized medical advisories, news, and Internet hotlinks.
Telephone access to Board Certified Physicians via an 800 number, nationwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Family physician offers personalized answers to medical questions for a fee.
Offers health discussion groups, news, and advice.
Health and medical information service creating completely customized medical reports.
Health and wellness site serving the lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual communities. addresses complete information on all common diseases and conditions at a very basic level with complete info on all its symptoms, causes and treatment methods.
Information about new health care treatments. Also offers the weekly Personal Medical Research Report.
Answering specific questions regarding diagnosis.