Assesses and treats ADD behaviors in children and adults. Also offers a summer program, camp, and workshops.
Dedicated exclusively to diagnosing and medically treating adults, teenagers and children with ADD/ADHD.
Online catalog of books, videos, training tools, games, and assessment products on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, ADHD) and related problems for parents, educators, health professionals, children and adults.
Provides coaching and workshops for individuals with attention deficit disorder and their families.
An experience designed to increase awareness by simulating the difficulties encountered by individuals with ADHD. For parents and schools.
Book offers drug and diet free treatment for ADHD and learning/behavior disabilities.
Provides drug-free alternatives to Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, Strattera, and other ADD and ADHD medications.
Offers attention and learning resources and The Attention Trainer, a video game-based system that uses feedback technology to help children learn to focus.
Publishes assessment instruments designed to screen for DSM-IV emotional and behavioral disorders including AD/HD.
Intensive outpatient programs for children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral and chemical abuse problems. Also offering treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder.
Books, audio and video tapes, and workshop info for parents and teachers of ADD/ADHD children (and adults). Formerly ADD Plus.
Speaker and authority on child development provides books and videos online.
Offers products for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD).
A workshop in audiotape format on natural and alternative therapies for attention deficit disorder.
Biofeeback-enabled, educational video games to help children increase attention.
Handwriting training program as an alternative to Ritalin for treating children with learning disabilities.
Advice, schedule of apprearances, and book excerpts from Lawrence H. Diller, M.D., on medication and ADD/ADHD.
Adventure programs for LD and ADD preteens, teens and adults.
Natural herbal psychostimulant and therapeutic for the symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD.