Alcohol and Drug Detection

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Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment in beautiful Orange county, California, call us at 877-253-4673 .
JourneyPure is committed to stay connected with you through those tough transitions during the first year of recovery. Making life changes is one of the hardest things someone can ever do, let us support you towards health and happiness.
JourneyPure Emerald Coast is dedicated to providing an integrative approach to addiction treatment. Our rehab facility provides trauma-informed services and dual diagnosis treatment.
Specializes in zero-tolerance drug testing.
Specializes in providing drug and alcohol detection services to companies in the aviation and transportation industry.
Offers a number of different drug test services, including in home tests.
Provides drug testing services to employers of commercial truck drivers and other federally regulated employees.
Provides substance abuse screening through the use of behavioral based technology.
Offers a wide variety of products and services to help organizations screen for substance abuse.
Provides of substance abuse services for professional healthcare monitoring.
The National Association for the drug and alcohol testing industry, with over 1000 members.
Information for drug-free workplace professionals.
Provides drug-free workplace services to small and medium sized businesses.
Drug testing business. Locations in Texas and eastern New Mexico.
We provide a variety of testing programs for government institutions, public companies, and private businesses.
Offers a full range of employee drug and alcohol testing services including development of drug free workplace policies.
Drug testing services which include hair, urine, saliva, blood, and fingernail analysis. Also provides consultation, seminars, and training.
On-site health screens and bloodwork for corporations and individuals.
An independent, self-sustaining coalition of businesses, business organizations, and individuals. Features information to help employers develop, implement, and maintain a drug-free workplace program.
Procedures, laws, and news about drug testing in schools and the workplace.